Why Film Photography?

Perhaps the idea of film photography seems outdated. Most people would recall the days of disposable cameras, one-hour developing or their high school Introduction to Photography class. 

However, film photography is making a radical comeback into the photographer world, and for good reason. Here are my top 3 reasons for film photography:

  1. Intentional and purposeful: With a digital camera, you’re able to shoot at rapid speed, shooting and burning with numerous frames in a span of a minute. With the nature of film photography however, you’re forced to slow down, carefully taking note of your composition, lighting, and your metering. You’re paying closer attention to your subject and to movement. It commands a more artful disposition from the photographer. 
  2. Beautiful, natural skin tones: We were made with skin tones unique to us, and as a photographer, I am picky as to how they appear in the finished image. You may have taken a digital photograph, and the skin tone of your subject may have appeared more yellow, red, blue or even green which then would require some editing in order to restore the image to a more natural tone. With film, magic happens and the skin tones are natural, smooth, and beautiful. It is truly a gratifying and amazing feeling when you receive the scans back from the film lab and see beautiful skin tone.
  3. Amazing highlights and exposing shadows: One of my biggest struggles with digital photography is the blowing out of highlights and dealing with harsh shadows. What does this mean? It means shooting outside in the middle of the day with harsh sunlight but not having it wash out my subject. It means photographing in a dark room with a sunny window but keeping all of the details. It means being outside and capturing a couple or family with no to little dark shadows around their faces.

For me, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Film photography simply brings me great joy and satisfaction as an artist that I feel is evident and translates over to my clients. What a gift it has been for both sides! If you are a photographer and you are looking to start in film photography, grab a 35mm and a few rolls of film and jump in!

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