You know what is better than beach and photography? Combining the two and then for an added bonus, it includes one of your dear friends and her family. Last month (May 2021), our family had the gift of meeting up with friends on the beaches of Hilton Head Island, SC. This was our first time out-of-state since the lockdown of 2020. Like most photographers, there was this moment of, "Ahh. It feels amazing to be behind the camera again!"

Walking barefooted in the grainy sand with the smell of saltwater brought a much awaited feeling of gratitude and a release of tension from the past year. Being able to reunite with friends and hear a group of people converse and laugh together was like opening up the favorite chapter of your favorite book -- something familiar, nostalgic and comforting.

These photographs of my friend, Sylvia, and her family certainly epitomizes the joy of something that may have been once taken for granted. This session was a beautiful way to re-enter the photography season.

Shot on Kodak Professional Portra 400

Scanned by The Find Lab