Gear List & Details


Sony A7 IV (Mirrorless)

Canon IDX (DSLR)

Canon 1V (Film)


50 1.8 mm,

24-80mm 2.8,

70-200mm 2.8,

100mm 1.8 macro

Lighting: Godox V1-S Round Head Camera Flash Speedlite Flash (2/Mirrorless), Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash (2/DSLR)

Favorite thing about second shooting: As a military spouse, second shooting has been a nice way to still provide income with our constant moves. I love that I can still do something I love and be creative. I enjoy meeting, working, and learning from other photographers.

Craziest moment while second shooting: When the primary shooter introduced me to the groom and groomsmen, they were all in their boxer briefs. The photos following consisted of underwear group photos on a ladder leading up to a loft.

Who you'd be working with: Friends refer me as being "chill", but if you need to get something done, it's get done, and it gets done well and quickly (i.e. round up wandering family members for group portraits, quickly grab equipment). I'm easygoing, a quick learner, a good listener, and personable. I'm quick on communication and have reliable transportation. Over the years, I have worked with numerous photographers as second shooter from LA. to NY to Canada and to the South. I have learned and gotten used to working in different environments and personalities. I actually do more second shooting than primary shooting due to constant moving for my husband's job (and homeschooling our 4 kiddos).

I'm an ambivert, an I/ENFP and a type A/B. So, I can adapt and easily read social cues and settings -- I can party and be chatty, but I love to also scale it back and enjoy the quiet moments. I am serious when I say I always have a good time second shooting!

I am located in Williamsburg, VA.