Second Shooter Guide

Guys Getting Ready

  • Groom Details: Watch, shoes, tie, cuff links, anything monogrammed.
  • Groomsman Gifts
  • Groomsmen Prep: Helping each other flip down collars, tie ties, etc.
  • Everyone hanging out
  • Groom Prep Shot Ideas: Buttoning cuffs, tying tie, putting on jacket, tying shoes, best man or fatherly figure helping groom put on jacket
  • Groom Portraits: Full body shot, half body shot, headshot. Groom smiling looking away, groom smiling looking at camera.

Groomsmen Portraits

  • Have the guys empty out their pockets of cellphones and keys
  • Individual portraits of the groom with each groomsman. Landscape and horizontal shots of each.
  • Formal group photo: Hands clasped (right over left), jacket buttoned, smiling at the camera.
  • Relaxed group photo: Jackets unbuttoned, hands in pockets smiling at the camera. We do a group “bro” hug. Then do a walking shot and any other creative shots utilizing the venue. 

First Look

  • Second shooter: Aim at bride during the first look.
  • Start far back at the start of the first look to capture the bride walking up to the groom.
  • Then zoom in to get tight shots of the bride interacting with the groom. 
  • Watch for Jiza's angle and shoot at a different angle.


  • Start at the back and capture the bride and her father entering, and then get a shot of them from behind as they walk down the aisle.
  • Wide angle ceremony shot from the back.
  • Shoot different/opposite angles of Jiza (without getting her in the shots)
  • Follow bride & groom after recessional for candid shots

Family Formals

No Shooting. If Jiza does not have an assistant that day, assist with checklist and call out groups/family names to set up groups. 

Cocktail Hour

  • If Jiza is shooting couple & bridal party portraits, photograph guests at cocktail hour.
  • Details shots of decor, table, bar, appetizer trays, etc.
  • Wide angle shots of the building outdoors


  • Entrance and introductions at different angles
  • First Dances: Assist with OCF (if no assistant), shoot at different angles from Jiza (if shooting)
  • Cake and Bouquet Toss: Assist with OCF (if no assistant), shoot at different angles from Jiza (if shooting)
  • Exit: If present for the exit, please handle OCF.
  • Please note: If you are using an on-camera flash, please be careful not to shoot your flash directly into Jiza's camera


  • No tilts or angles please

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